Location Photography

Co.Down Northern Ireland is where I am based and I travel to you for location photography sessions like this one!

I just want to start this blog post off with thanking my Saviour for the good news I received today. I had been just before Christmas suffering with pain under my left armpit. The staff are amazing in Belfast city hospital, I got the best news ever that I have no Cancer in my breast. I can’t thank God enough for sustaining me through my time of worry and a massive thank you to my friends and family for being there at this time.

On a brighter note I just want to talk a little about why I love location Photography so much. So like these images I have in my post you can see how much the child in the photo is so relaxed and how much fun he is having, if he had of been in a studio setup the fun wouldn’t have been the same. This little guy will look back on these images and be so greatful to his mum for investing in memories he can’t bring back.

While we were in the barley field he was laughing with his mum and the time we spent together in a summer evening was so special. This is a simple yet effect way of capturing amazing memories for any family whether its a family session on location or a child portraiture session it makes no different, the key to great photography is capturing moments in time you will cherish not ones you will be tired of looking at the camera.

fun in the sun
barley field
Orchard Photography

The Orchard makes a great location for photo sessions

location photography
Belfast Photographer
Family Photographer NI
Its just all about fun!
Photography NI

Child Portraiture

Children photography

Newborn baby girl 4 weeks old

Look at how much this little lady is so alert in front of my camera. She was 4 weeks old at this stage. I have often said if you miss my full newborn session you have the option to book my mini session at £275 all in, that way you won’t have missed out altogether. This little lady was a stunning baby girl and has such beautiful skin. I love my job so much and I say this all the time, I have the joy of not only taking great images for my clients but also capturing the timeless and simplicity of how beauitful a newborn baby is.

4 weeks old baby girl.

Country Living.

Happy Friday everyone hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy it with the ones you love!

Country Living is so my style. I love roaming the fields in the long summer evenings and I am so blessed to live on my own land were I can take a walk down the field and no one can annoy me, its just bliss. I bought this bike with my basket about 6 months after my mum passed away with cancer as I needed time to heal and this was my ticket.

Long cycle outings in the summer is so good for your soul, you know that feeling of flying down a hill and the wind blowing through your hair, you take both feet of the peddles and freewheel? Its so good for your soul to let your hair down and feel the freedom of getting away from life’s troubles.

I could not be without my bike. In fact I am the kinda girl who would love to live in a village were there is no cars and we cycle in the morning for our fresh bottled milk and fresh bread to the local market. I am not a fan of large supermarkets I love the old style of life. Do you know that kinda lifestyle I am talking about? Well that’s a dream lifestyle for me, but one I am sure others do live.

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